Tarot Services

Three Card Spread (Oracle or Tarot) $35

With this reading, I can answer any one question you have. This spread can be formulated in many ways, not just past-present-future.

A longtime Tarot/Oracle reader, I’ve always read for friends and some well established clients through the years. Recently, I started a YouTube channel under Ael Xander, allowing me to share not only general readings, but also to share my knowledge. But to really get an in depth look at your situation, a personal reading is best. Take a look at my offerings and let’s see what I can do for you.

Five Card Reading (Tarot/Oracle) $55

This reading is five cards, up to two questions. I pick the Spread for you. This reading is very popular for those who want to have light shone on what’s coming in the next few months to questions about work, health, home. If you have worries, this is a great reading.

Alchemy Reading (Oracle, Tarot) $108

This reading is a special reading I created specifically for those who want an in-depth video reading and wish to be able to see more of what spreads may be used, what decks, and how I blend my knowledge with spirit and intuition to bring out the information they seek. This reading can have anywhere from 15-45 cards depending on the questions asked. Limit of six questions.

Rune Reading $45

This rune spread reading is for anyone who needs insight for business, personal life, clarity for what’s ahead. I have both rune stones and rune decks which I use to help you to understand the depth of the runes in your life.

Tarot for Characters/Writing- $45-$90

Do you need help to flesh out your characters to make them come to life? Do you need help to get over that sagging middle or to figure out how to make your story not be like every other story out there? Let the tarot and oracle cards help guide you. Just as tarot can guide you to look into your own life and give you a path to see possible avenues to benefit yourself- it can give the same to your characters, giving them a deeper view of their world and a richer back history than you ever realised. When it comes to choices, follies, and consequences- the cards can truly give you not just one path, but the richness and depth of what subplots can bring to the table for your story. Let cards help you bring your storytelling to a new level. (Skype or video session option)

Year In the Round $120

We all want to know what’s in store ahead for ourselves. With this reading, you’ll get an overview of twelve months of what’s in store for you on various fronts. Whether you’re wanting to take on a new business endeavour or you’re wanting to search for what’s been missing in your life, this reading can help you pinpoint those moments where you’re most open to the best energy to find what’s out there for you. (Needed- Date of Birth) (Video or Skype call for choice