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Episode 2- Jay and Delvin Come to Visit

Jay Sandlin and Delvin Cox come to visit Cyn at Phoenyx Tales. The discussion covers all sorts of things from Star Wars, comics and more. Jay Sandlin is my writing partner, best friend, and Partner In Crime. You can find him at Then there’s Delvin Cox, host of The Delvin Cox Experience. He’s a great friend, fabulous guy, and he makes me smile when I don’t want to. Having these two great, gorgeous guys on the show makes my life fun because it means I get a chance to geek out and relax. Just sit back, grab a drink
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Episode 1- Welcome to the Phoenyx Tales

Welcome to the first episode of Phoenyx Tales. This podcast covers from writing, editing, mental health, movies, TV, Woo, and more. The goal is to inspire, console, and uplift fellow creatives out there. When we help each other, we all benefit.  For the first episode, I talk a bit about myself, about the Woo in my life, ASMR, and other fun things. Join in the fun and see where your rebirth begins in…the Phoenyx Tales.
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Episode 3- Delvin is Social Media

The amazing Delvin Cox of The Delvin Cox Experience returns! We talk Social Media, parenthood, and whatever else takes our fancy. Plus, Delvin shares not only his views of social media, but some great thoughts on what our responsibility is within its realm. Everyone- Delvin is Social Media! (If you ever watched American Gods, you get this reference!)   
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