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Happy Days or I have a podcast

            There comes a moment when you realise you must step up and do something new. Most people know me as co-host on Jay Sandlin’s What Happens Next podcast. Thanks to Delvin Cox of The Delvin Cox Experience, Jay, and Crystal Storm- I’ve started my own podcast, Phoenyx Tales.  It’s a heart based show. The idea is simple- talk about what interests me, what touches me, talk about the parts of life that made me become better. Sharing the journey of writer, editor, healer is something I never considered until I was told to give
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Episode 1- Welcome to the Phoenyx Tales

Welcome to the first episode of Phoenyx Tales. This podcast covers from writing, editing, mental health, movies, TV, Woo, and more. The goal is to inspire, console, and uplift fellow creatives out there. When we help each other, we all benefit.  For the first episode, I talk a bit about myself, about the Woo in my life, ASMR, and other fun things. Join in the fun and see where your rebirth begins in…the Phoenyx Tales.
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