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Say What?

So, it’s been a while. I know I’ve not posted in ages, but there have been reasons. Pandemic, sickness, granddaughters in Florida, becoming a letterer, editing in comics, and I had some health issues. Today, I’m talking about the health issues. I know I normally talk about a lot of different things, but mental health and health issues are really important to me. So, take a seat and let’s talk a bit. 
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Writing- Things I’ve learned

It’s funny. I write, I edit professionally, I even podcast. Yet, I keep reaching further to do more, to accomplish new things. When I took a break from writing in late 2016/2017, I wasn’t sure I’d write again. I found myself feeling very isolated in the world I once occupied quite happily. I look back at that time & realise just how much stress, anxiety, and fear I lived with. I’m surprised no one else saw it. More, I also realised it was then I honestly believed I couldn’t be myself–my true reader/writer self. The person who loved to review,
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Happy Days or I have a podcast

            There comes a moment when you realise you must step up and do something new. Most people know me as co-host on Jay Sandlin’s What Happens Next podcast. Thanks to Delvin Cox of The Delvin Cox Experience, Jay, and Crystal Storm- I’ve started my own podcast, Phoenyx Tales.  It’s a heart based show. The idea is simple- talk about what interests me, what touches me, talk about the parts of life that made me become better. Sharing the journey of writer, editor, healer is something I never considered until I was told to give
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