Comics Review: HEAVY 1 & 2

HEAVY 1 & 2

What is a heavy? This is answered in issue one of Heavy by Vault comics. It is, but isn’t what you think. A heavy hurts people who deserve it. They reside in a place somewhere between earth and somewhere better because a heavy is no longer among the living. There are others in this no man’s land- cherubics, influencers, teamsters, tokers, shockers, clockers, knockers, but to Bill-it’s all about the heavys.

Max Bemis has taken the idea of a heavy hitter to a new and different level in this new comic at Vault Comics. It’s an intense storyline made more so by the artwork and colours by Eryk Donovan and Cris Peter, respectively. The story is easy to read and pick up on due to the fabulous lettering by Taylor Esposito. The captions and speech bubbles literally move you along without being too bold or too in the way. The artwork tells the story without being overwhelming, the colours are vivid and yet, you FEEL the story as it’s told.

Bill is a heavy who works alone, struggling to qualify to move forward to the somewhere better. Yet, while he punches and hurts those who deserve it- there is mention of taking out 15 Hitlers- the main thing to note is that hurting those who deserve it isn’t always about shedding blood. That’s what his boss, Kyle, reminds him. I love her. She is a straight shooter in many ways, though always trying to find her own path to that somewhere better. But when she assigns him to take on Da Vinci, she warns him this isn’t like the one he remembers, this one is quite over the top.

Discovering why Bill is a heavy- an ex-military who was good at killing people, who had vengeance on his mind with every person he hurt as a heavy. His wife was part of the Irish mafia, something she never wished to be- which is why she chose Bill over the man her father wanted her to be married to- Slim. Slim betrays Bill’s wife to her dad’s enemy, and they all die. Bill tries to be with his wife, but working alone means less karma points. Which is why Kyle reminds him he needs a partner. That partner…OH BOY…

Which gets me to Heavy #2. It opens up where Bill is talking to a kid, trying to be good with the kid- something different for him. However, they find that Slim has killed the boy’s father, who has been hurting him. What Eryk and Cris do on these panels is not just jaw dropping, it’s pure WTAF. It’s that amazing. Yeah, I said it. I meant it. The lettering is kept minimal, purposeful to move the story forward and not to interfere with the intenseness of the scenes.

When they get into fighting each other again, there is this chibi/kitty vs dog panels that made me laugh out loud because it was a perfect description/action of how these two are for each other. By showing it in this manner, it made it personable and more intimate. By having Kyle sorta breaking the 4th wall slightly, it was acknowledging the reader in casual way. I LOVED IT! Great editing here made it all the better because it could’ve been over done or made too subtle. Great lettering helped this to flow perfectly from start to end of this bitter fight.

What happens next is Slim, Agent Mullens, goes a bit ballistic in his duties as a heavy. I won’t go into details. You need to see it yourself. It is…unique. Bill’s reaction was on par to mine. The results to his actions took my breath away. Just when you think you get what will happen in this story- you find out there’s another twist ahead! Bemis does well in telling this story, allowing it to unfold gracefully, naturally, yet at the same time…giving you just enough rope to let you hang yourself because you think you know where it’s going. You don’t. Trust me. Oh yeah, trust me—you won’t see how the second issue progresses. Once you get to the end, you’re like—OH SHIT!! Well, you might be like, Oh fuck, or both. *grins* Let’s just say—the last job in issue two is a doozy.

To review- editing is a blessing and a joy. Rebecca Taylor is magnificent! I adore her as I do Adrian. (This might start a war, but I might be able to handle it. Maybe.) Max Bemis writes a great story, taking some great tropes and giving them his own spin, and coming up with some fresh new ideas I’ve not seen before. Love it! The art and colours are outstanding. Great work by Eryk Donovan and Cris Peter. The art is bold, harsh, and funky. The colours are bold, funky, and will melt your eyes in some places- just what you want for this kind of series! Lettering by Taylor Esposito is spot on. I’m not going to give the usual shit- let me lay this down for you- the lettering here takes the story and art together and makes sure they are married together perfectly. It enhances the art and makes sure that the story beats are not dropped one moment. The story FX are perfect and used in the right amounts. Fabulous work!

This is definitely a series I’m going to want to know more about, especially on how this translates to getting to the better place and what happens once you get there- IF you get there. What happens then? And what if you don’t? There has to be some kind of payment if you don’t make it after a while. I’m curious to see what happens with these two guys as we follow them along.

Rating– 8.9/10

Important Info:

HEAVY 1 &2

Writer: Max Bemis   Colourist: Cris Peter
Artist: Eryk Donovan          Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Vault Comics    Editor: Rebecca Taylor
Available: Everywhere comics are sold, Comixology on September 16th 2020.

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