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Treaty of Desire


The new treaty between Weres and Fey has ended an uneasy coexistence. While the majority are in favor, there are those who fear corruption by intermingling their magics and their peoples.
Tajas, queen of the Cat-weres, has been selected by the ruler of all Weres to teach the Fey the glamour that allows her people to live amongst humans. With her natural sensuality, she fits right in to the sex-drenched Seelie Court, but her secret — that she’s half-Unseelie — might jeopardize everything she’s working for. Especially when she does the one thing forbidden to her and gives in to her lust for Adrastai.

Adrastai, son of the Seelie King, must teach Tajas to use Fey magic, if she can even access it. To his surprise and hers, she not only can, but their sessions together call forth a powerful sexual bond between them.

Some of the Fey will stop at nothing to put an end to the Treaty and Tajas. To save them both, Adrastai wants to claim her in an arcane sexual ritual. But will Tajas agree to this new treaty of desire?



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“You’re a bitch, Taja. Just remember that bitches are meant to be used. I will have you one way or another. Mark my words,” Frelin ground out between clenched teeth.

“You don’t scare me, Frelin, child of Alterran. You forget the power in a were bite. Plus, if I remember correctly, the only kind you haven’t bedded is a were, so you don’t know any of our special techniques in sexually pleasing our partners,” Taja sneered in kind. “Let’s go before I decide to cement fey-were relations by making you one of us.”

Taja thought about her outburst as they headed toward the center where the main court was located. She knew she’d regret her angry words and yanking this fey’s chain, but the idea of people wanting to kill her to break the treaty was absurd. Why they thought her death could break a treaty both races needed was beyond logical reasoning. Whoever was behind this reaction needed education on the were race, and desperately.

As they approached the courtyard entrance to the king’s palace, Frelin grabbed Taja’s arm. He took his cut arm and brought the wound to her lips. “Drink of me, Taja, and know the ecstasy of fey blood. Know that you’ll want it more. That earlier lick was as nothing    we both know that.”

She tamped down the surge of merriment as it threatened to burst from her lips. Does he think me a vampyr? Really, the erroneous myths that linked the were and vampyr were quite amusing, especially if the long-lived Seelie sidhe believed in it nowadays. Deciding to play into it, she rubbed against him and let out a little purr. In for a pence, in for a pound. She gazed up into the ice-cold eyes of Frelin and smiled sexily before leaning against him. His body temperature was remarkably hot for a cold-blooded sidhe, and even his erection was impressive as it pressed against her hip. She moved against him again and could smell his growing lust for her. “Your blood has already given me pleasure. I don’t need more. I can trace you anywhere and everywhere you go, Lord Frelin of the Pure Fey. I know exactly how impure you are.”

With that comment, Taja turned and swiftly entered the gateway to the garden of the Seelie court. She knew he thought she hadn’t seen his fleeting smile of deadly intent, but she was on her guard against people such as him. There was too much she understood of Seelie politics to be at ease while in this part of Hylia.

As they past through the archway entrance, a mass explosion of colors and sensuous smells greeted her senses. There were flowers everywhere. Roses, carnations, and blossoms she’d never seen before. There, in one corner of the garden, a large silky-looking flower called to her. Taja inhaled the sweet, musky fragrance as she stepped closer to the aromatic bush. The flower contained the deepest of reds and the softest of purples, enhancing the long petals. Taja stroked the blossom carefully and shuddered at its silkiness against her hand. The soft petals stroked her back. She pulled her hand away slowly. The scent lingered in her nostrils and made her hungry in a way she hadn’t been in a long while. Hungry    sexually hungry    with her senses reeling from the quick, biting call of the flower.

Frelin’s voice was low and caressed her body. She’d never even heard him come up behind her. Somehow, the aroma of the flower and its essence seemed to root her where she stood. His voice was pitched for her ears only. “Those are Lovers’ Blossoms. Their touch releases a person’s inner passionate nature. When with your lovers, they can also bring you to the heights of passion with each gentle caress. I’d love to stroke them between your thighs while my mouth tastes their essence and yours.”

Taja felt herself grow warm and damp. She wanted to feel that flower on her naked body    craved to feel the were magick inside her ignite as her lover thrust himself over and over into her, powerfully and masterfully, as he imitated the stroke of the petals against her smooth skin. But here in the realm of the fey, there was none up to dealing with the were way of lovemaking. Nevertheless, the scent seemed to strengthen a need deep inside her, even while she tried to resist its siren call. Suddenly, she felt a petal against her cheek.

Frelin gently stroked the blossom from her face down the front of her outfit, where it left her skin exposed. The petals found the slits in the leather that covered her body, and there, they caressed her skin. Each touch seemed to prevent her from pulling away from him. Perspiration erupted as the aroma of the flowers teased and tantalized her senses. Her breasts throbbed heavily with the touch of the blossom. She ached to take her taut nipples and pull them to release the tension. She craved a hot, wet mouth to soothe the peaks.

Her breathing came shallower as Frelin moved the flower across her exposed abdomen. The touch of the soft, velvety petals against her slick skin caused her to shudder. Desire and need curled in her belly as her wetness trickled down her inner thighs. She arched toward the flower while trying to remain aloof from Frelin’s whispered comments. Her warrior training warred with her sensual nature, with the sensual nature reveling at the caress of the petals.

“Don’t you wish my hands and my mouth were stroking you? My erection rubbing up and down your soft belly?”

She knew he was taunting her with his words. He couldn’t know the control she was relying on not to rip his clothes off and slake her sexual hunger. Taja knew she was a shape-shifter, not an animal. Though others thought her hotheaded and prone to react instead of acting with deliberation, they didn’t know the true Taja. She took a trembling breath and fought for tighter control on her need. I’m a warrior, not just a woman, dammit.

She felt Frelin urge apart her legs with his knee. The petals brushed between her leather-encased thighs where she most craved its touch. Her hands went to Frelin’s shoulders in order to steady herself. Though the blossom touched only the thin leather, the heat of the petals sensually burned her. His hooded eyes spotted a slight change in the leather outfit. His fingers swiftly pulled at it, and her feminine curls, dewy with wetness, were exposed to him.

A low growl emitted from Frelin’s throat. Just as Taja was under the spell of the Lovers’ Blossom, so it seemed was the fey royal. As Taja rocked against the flower’s delicate touch, Frelin’s hand pressed against her curls as the petals dipped between her labia. Taja bit back a scream as the petals caressed her constantly, back and forth, tempting and teasing.

A growl of desire ripped from Taja’s throat as the flower petals finally dipped inside her. The pressure of the blossom against her clitoris caused her to climax violently. Frelin licked his fingers, as they were coated with her juices. His body trembled in reaction to Taja’s orgasm. Grunting, he adjusted his throbbing cock within the confines of his pants before standing.

Once her own body stopped shivering, and her breathing returned to normal, Frelin’s hand closed the flap of leather. He placed the damp blossom behind her ear. With an evil smile, Frelin placed a finger on her lips. “Better now, Taja of the Weres? The king awaits.”

Her eyes narrowed on the retreating back of the royal. I wouldn’t turn your back on me, Frelin of the Sidhe. Your arrogance might just get you killed. Lord of Ice, you now have a were’s wrath upon you. Beware, for the Black Death stalks you now.


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