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Ride Me Baby


For Charlie “Baby” Simmons, there’s no problem– she won the motorcycle, it’s hers to refurbish for Doc.

For Harley Rex Carmichael, it symbolizes his life and more. He won’t stop at getting Baby to give in to him and give him the bike. When that doesn’t work, he realizes there’s more to the woman than restoring bikes, something that he wants to be part of.

But when it comes between life and risk, they’re both wondering if Harley will ever utter the words, “Ride Me, Baby” one more time for good.



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Baby looked around the showroom with a smile. Her business was happily going without her. Not many knew that Motorcycle Charlie was in fact Charlie “Baby” Simmons now. She didn’t advertise that her first class motorcycle shop was hers and not the first Charlie. It used to be her father’s shop all those years ago. When he died, he left her this legacy.

Her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back in a long ponytail for now. Her old Harley Davidson tee shirt had streaks of grime on it from working on the 1978 Flathead motorcycle for the past two hours. When she’d hired Sara and Kevin as part of the showroom floor, little did she know how popular these two would make her shop. Baby looked around and waved to Kevin.

“Hey Kev, can you and Sara cover for three hours this afternoon? Gabe’s got the back. I’ve been asked to bid on a bike later this afternoon. Dr. Forrester asked me to find a special bike for the collection. The auction at Gaylor’s has the motorcycle,” Baby said with a hint of a Southern accent.

Kevin’s eyes smiled with his huge grin. “Sure, Baby. I’d be glad to cover. Anything need to be logged in?”

“Yeah, can you do me a big favor? The clothing shipment arrived yesterday. Can you and Sara go through it and check it with the invoice then put it out?”

“Sure thing. Hey, how’s your new toy?” Kevin asked as Baby turned to go in back.

Baby called over her shoulder. “It rides better than most men do. It’s my Dream ride.”

Kevin’s laughter mixed with Baby’s as she went out back to finish restoring the motorcycle.

* * * *

Harley “Lee” Carmichael looked at his watch. The auction would be starting soon. He could leave his office in ten minutes and still have time to change before it started. He tugged on his tie. Most of his friends and coworkers wouldn’t believe that laid back, slick Lee Carmichael, attorney-at-law was also a big time motorcycle buff.

The auction featured a Road King Classic that he wanted. No that wasn’t right, he craved it. Being named after one of the foremost motorcycle companies in the world wasn’t something Harley could live up to easily. Like his mother said, it was one helluva a ride that conceived him.

He scrubbed his face with his hands then grinned. He got up and went into the bathroom connected to his office. He changed quickly. He didn’t want to waste any more time. There was a bike he wanted and he could get it for a song if he got there in time. His green eyes sparkled as he walked past his secretary.

“Excuse me, sir, who—Lee? Is that you?” Gloria asked incredulously.

“Like my look?” Harley asked with a devilish grin. Gloria’s eyes raked him over from head to toe. He watched her take in his dark blue tee shirt, his faded jeans and his boots. He looked like a bad boy. If only she knew that he still was one underneath the lawyer veneer.

Gloria grinned. “If I was only 20 years younger, I’d be after you. You look like a bad boy from hell, Lee.”

“Thanks Gloria. I’ll see you on Monday. I’m off to see a man about a bike.”

He strolled out the door of his downtown office. First stop, home. He planned to ride his bike to Gaylor’s Auction House.

Watch out Solar Springs, Harley’s on the move.

* * * *

Baby’s eyes scanned the small crowd at Gaylor’s. Her light amber eyes set her apart from any of the other people, as did the fact she was only one of a few women there. When she saw the man she was looking for she took three steps towards him and then stopped.  The man beside him had her heart palpitating with excitement.

He was six feet plus of pure unadulterated male. Her heart skipped a beat in her chest. She knew men, even beautiful men, but none like this man. He was sex on wheels and it was obvious he knew it too. His short spiky black hair was ruffled, as if some woman had run her fingers through it while making mad passionate love to him.

Baby knew without a doubt that man would fulfill any woman to a screaming orgasm.

Oh Lord, she had to stop staring. She had to stop thinking of sex while she looked at that man. Not that any woman could help herself. Then she saw her quarry. The older man had spotted her. “Baby! Over here, darling. Come here. Come see the bike.”

Baby threaded her way through the slight crowd. She approached the older man and threw herself into his arms. “Thomas, I’m so glad you made it here.” She placed a kiss on his cheek. “You’ve not been by in a while. You’re doing all right then, I take it?”

The man next to Thomas smirked at her. She could see that he thought her nothing more than a bubbly airhead out for the richest man around. It wasn’t the first time she ever received that kind of a look, nor would it be the last. She fisted her hands as she stepped back from Thomas.

“I’m fine, Baby. How are you doing? You’re here for the auction? Got your eye on something special?”

“Sure do. Dr. Forrester had a special request for me to fulfill. I know what I’m going after. I’ll test it out before I bring it to his house.”

The man looked her over from head to toe. She wasn’t short at five foot nine, but he had her by a good six inches. It was how his eyes made her feel naked even though she was wearing her black tank top and faded jeans and scuffed riding boots. A tingling formed in the pit of her stomach as his gaze came slowly back up to her eyes.

His stare lingered on her every curve causing her to feel the heat of his gaze. Oh yeah, she knew the feeling of instant desire when she felt it. This man was too much. Too damn much for her piece of mind and she didn’t even know his name. She brushed back a lock of her now loose hair.


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