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Mark of the Blood (Marauders) (Volume 1)


Ancient blood enemies clash and in the thousand years Druidic war between Taranis and the Morrigu, only the Marauders can keep it from spilling over into our world. only the strength of two people marked by violence and tempered by fire will stand in the way.

Saved by a man she couldn’t forget…

Kirstie Blake was saved from violence at the hands of a serial rapist by a man who disappears without a trace, leaving more questions than answers. The rapist strikes again, brutalizing her best friend. Determined to find the man responsible and help her friend overcome the hell of her experience, she enlists the aid of psychotherapist, Dr. Niam Maraigh. He was her savior once, and now would be again, but the dark menace is moving closer, and the doctor is hiding something. He entrances her. Compels her. A man like no other, and dangerous to her heart.

Angel of mercy by day, vengeful Marauder by night…

Dr. Niam Maraigh had one goal: stop the human empowered by the war god Taranis from raping again. When he slipped through his fingers during the attack on Kirstie, Niam knew the urge would be more powerful than before. He would stop him at all cost. Yet the Marauder’s mind strayed to the entrancing woman he’d saved. She set his mind and soul afire with emotion he’d buried long ago. But he’s no hero. Niam’s power allows him to ease the pain of his patients, enabling him to become their blade of vengeance. Could hands stained with blood touch the woman his soul yearns for?

Every attack strengthens the dark agenda of Taranis…

When Kirstie finds out what Niam is, learns his secrets, she falls headlong into a world fueled by ancient magic and bound by the curse of a goddess. They must work together to stop the dark forces or face losing all they hold dear, including their new found feelings for each other.



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