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Cupid Shoots, She Scores!


For Trina Edwards, the time to play Cupid has come. Her assistants, whom are also the submissives she’s training, have graduated from submissive school with high honors and she knows the perfect woman for these two lovers. Lucky for Trina, it’s someone she loves dearly- her own sister, Nikita.

Nikita has been fascinated by Ronin and Jacob since seeing them with Trina at House Seti. Ronin, with his Hawaiian/Japanese heritage, and his long hair and quiet attitude contrasts sharply with his lover, Jacob, who has short blond hair and quite a mouthy attitude. She’s lusted for the men, and knew Trina wasn’t involved with them beyond training them. So when Trina offers to give them to her for a Valentine’s Day gift, Nikita doesn’t turn her down.

What the three don’t expect so close to Valentine’s Day is that Trina has left nothing to chance. Using everything at her disposal at Plotted Porn Productions (P3), she’ll show the two men and her sister just how much they need each other. Because everyone knows that when Cupid Shoots, She Scores.

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February 12, 2112

13 Baktun 5 Katun 0 Tun 10 uinal 11 kin 10 Chuen 19 Kayab G4 Lord of the Night — the New Mayan Calendar

“Why is a rabbit vibrator hanging over my cubicle? Christmas is well past, is it not?” Trina Edwards asked her two personal assistants, the dark haired, exotic looking Ronin Traynor and his lover, the sandy blond-haired Jake Demaide. “I’m not amused; I really am not, even though it’s a lovely purple one.” Though she enjoyed working at Plotted Porn Productions, known worldwide as P3, there were times when the sexual aspects could get a bit overwhelming. Yet, working here was a great way to make the best use of her talents.

Jake smirked at Trina, raising her hackles. She resisted the urge to strangle the blond-headed genius of tracking shipments; it wouldn’t bode well for juggling the international schedules. That alone was the only reason to not beat him unmercifully until he begged.

“Consider it a reminder. Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you promised us that you would give us something special, especially if we passed our submissive tests.”

Every time she thought she knew her assistants, something new always popped up. For the last four months, she had been working hard with them to get them ready for the exhaustive mental and physical tests that were mandatory for anyone who considered becoming a professional submissive. They had come to her over eight months ago, asking her to train them, and reluctantly she had done it. Their friendship and their working relationship had flourished with taking them into House Seti as her students. Jake was correct, though — she did promise them something special for the holiday. “I agreed to do something for you both, if you passed. Which, by the way, you did — with fantastic results,” Trina informed them. “In fact, I’ve been asked if I’ll be putting the two of you up for auction, once you’ve been rewarded, or if I’m keeping you. I told them I hadn’t made up my mind yet.”

The men glanced at each other, then at her, with matching shocked, yet pleased expressions upon their faces. She knew they were attracted to her, but having access to some of the world’s best matchmaking computers, Trina also knew within her soul that she wasn’t the one for them. They were a couple that needed a third who would not only understand their bond, but would enjoy their couple play along with pleasing her. There was someone who’d come to mind, but it wasn’t until a month ago that she’d thought it was even possible. Sometimes it was good to be an uber-genius in both the computer and the medical fields. Now…now she had to decide — could she make her shits-and-giggles idea fly, or would it crash?

There was no time like the present to find out, and only one person to call, though they didn’t know she knew about their fantasy mistress ideal. Trina knew that the person in question was just as into Jake and Ronin as they were into her, but there were some issues to be worked out — one of them convincing the woman to take them on. “Ronin, call Nikita over in film production.”

“Sure thing, boss lady, but are you sure you’re not forgetting to pay me and Jake our due?” His deep, slightly accented voice sent shivers down her spine. The man had a talent for arousing a woman verbally, but she wasn’t the one to take advantage of that skill. Oh, yeah, she wasn’t forgetting a thing, though it meant more time at House of Seti in her future. Too bad it wouldn’t be with her guys, though honestly, she was ready to move on to new horizons.

“Oh, I’m making sure this is one Valentine’s Day neither of you forgets.” Trina sauntered away, leaving both men wondering what she had planned.


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