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Recipe: Apple Butter

I love making apple butter, even though it takes a long time to make. Here’s the recipe my gramps followed for years with his slight modifications. *grins* You’re lucky– I don’t change the recipes as he did when he gave them to others. LOL  
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Cheese- Easiest Ever!

This cheese recipe came to me from my gramps and verified by a Romuva member. I grew up with a cheese that wasn’t like anything else I had tried since. It was soft and pale, but my gramps would make and flavour it in many ways. Finally, after searching his cookbooks and getting the information about Lithuanian suris, I’ve finally gotten a good recipe for this cheese. (I’m so excited!)
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Updates, Me, and Why Pandemics Suck

You’re probably have been wondering where the posts have been for the past few months. So have I. In fact, I’ve got some I need to edit and start posting. Some are from my old site, some are things I’ve been working on but hadn’t had time to upload. I need to hand them over to the magnificent Crystal Storm to take care of, while I do some work for her. (We do that– help each other out. It’s an awesome thing.) But I miss posting my comic reviews, my witty takes on the moment, and even having regular time
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