Review: Space Police Files

I was lucky- I got to read Space Police Files before release as one of the lucky people to get an early copy. That being said, the stories in here are fabulous. You can read them alone or if you read them in order, they build upon each other, and it’s amazing how it happens. Space Police Files amuses with its brashness, intrigues you with some serious issues we struggle with, and it gives you a place to let go of your cares of the day. Each story can be read in less than 25 minutes, if not less. So, the book is perfect for those looking for a quick read- as each story is self contained.
Really, do yourself a favour- pick up this book, then go find Jay Sandlin’s Over the Ropes and Hellfighter Quin comic book series by Mad Cave Studios. He has written some amazing things in a short time and you’re going to want to be there to watch this talent rise.
Important Info: 
Author: Jay Sandlin 
Where to Buy: Amazon, Amazon Print

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