Review- Queen of Bad Dreams #1

What can I tell you about writer Danny Lore, artist Jordi Perez, colourist Dearblha Kelly, and letterer Kim McLean on this story which is more than a story? When it comes to Queen of Bad Dreams, they’ve created a world so real, so unique, you need to truly experience it for yourself. (Then again, you have to ask yourself- are you human or a figment? If you’re a figment, it might not be good to experience it. Keep reading to find out why!) By the way, give Kim McLean and Dearblha Kelly some serious props for the lettering and the colouring in this issue. It’s amazing and truly brings you into a new universe which just brings you right along without you realizing.

I admit, I’m biased. I love Vault Comics because of their originality, their ability to go the distance in their stories, and the fact they’re willing to take on new writers and artists to really go places where most comic publishers haven’t gone before. Yet, this story Danny Lore has written is more than a story, more than a dream, it is a world we have all been in at one time or another in our lives. For that point alone, it should be in your pull box, in your automatic downloads, and you should be demanding weekly releases. (Can we demand that? Will Adrian Wassel let me ask for that without giving me big frowny faces? Hmm…)

The first unique part of this story is how it’s told. I think it’s what first caught my attention. It’s told via the ex-spouse of the heroine to their child. The story is about Inspector Judge Wei Daher, whose job with the Morphean Annex is to deal with figments who slip into real life once they’ve gained the ability to think and act independently for themselves. You’d think the child would be aware of what their mom does, but in some ways, kids are often oblivious to what parents do until it touches them personally.

One of the most interesting items alluded to in the story by Danny Lore is the Somnic Incident. The base explanation is that a young, untrained psychic lost control of their dreams which let loose a lot of figments on the city and many good people died. It makes you wonder how this happened, what made it different by this untrained psychic losing control versus a regular dreamer. It also makes you wonder just how bad the Somnic Incident must’ve been, especially since the Annex was new. I admit- I’m already creating this huge, out of control moment where figments have gone wild, like Spring break but with a touch of insanity thrown in, and unsuspecting humans who then go all sorts of xenophobic nuts in the mix. (I may be the type who is not xenophobic and like to make people deal with their xenophobic anxiety issues.)

So, back to the story, which I refuse to give you too much more. So, Ava, this figment, who is beautiful- and by beautiful, I don’t mean just by looks, which she is, but also just her movements, the way she acts and reacts to things in our world, she’s been free for longer than IJ Daher knew. That was something that caught me off-guard. How IJ Daher finds out the information regarding Ava and her whereabouts comes through her ex-spouse’s job, the one telling the story.

What does an Inspector Judge do when they capture a figment? In short, they see whether or not a figment qualifies for residency in our world, to be reinserted into the dreamer’s dreams, or termination. Most figments fear the latter- with good reason due to the Somnic Incident. I bet right now; you’re feeling kind of panicked. Will Ava, the figment from a rich, influential family’s adult son, be terminated? Or will she be reinserted back into the dreamscape, where she lived happily for over a decade? Or will she be granted what it seems many figments long for- residency in our world? What will IJ Daher decide when she finds Ava? What would you do?

This is only the first issue of Queen of Bad Dreams and I’m already so invested, I’m already trying to figure out how this will play out and which way I will land. It brings a whole new meaning to “figment of your imagination” when you consider your figment coming to life. So many of us rely on our imagination, it’s our escape when real life gets so hard to cope. But what about for those in our imagination when it gets too hard there? Where do they go? Now that I’m thinking in that vein, I’m ready to gently harass Danny and Adam Wassel, editor of The Vault Comics for future issues to be released faster. No, seriously, I NEED to know what happens next and waiting isn’t going to cut it.

Rating– 9.5/10 (I so needed another five pages in this issue. I blame Adrian. LOL)

Important Info:
Queen of Bad Dreams #1
Writer: Danny Lore Colourist: Dearblha Kelly
Artist: Jordi Perez Letterer: Kim McLean
Publisher: The Vault Comics Editor: Adam F. Wassel
Available: Everywhere comics are sold, Comixology

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