Black Star Renegades Review

A journey of family, friends, and finding one’s place
5 Stars

I love Michael Moreci’s comic writing, so I was excited to see his love letter to Star Wars, a franchise we both adore. This story has comforting reminders of Star Wars, yet manage to move you in new ways to enjoy his universe as well.

Cade Sura has always been a bit of a troubled soul. His older brother, Tristan, has been the support he relied on after their parents were killed. Yet, when they were raised together by a brotherhood order, Cade knew his brother was the One, the Paragon. When they go to retrieve the mystical weapon that can save the universe- only Cade is left. His heart in ruins, he is lauded as the Paragon, but he knows that was Tristan. The Rokura has its agenda and Cade wants to fight for peace- but not the same way the Rai brotherhood do. What happens next in the battle of Rai, Ga Halle- the wanna be Empress of the universe, and her War Hammer destroyer, is a tale of struggle, friendships, and betrayal.

I won’t tell you everything, but this story is big. There is a lot to take in- but it’s worth it. From the moment Cade holds the Rokura and sees a horror filled nightmare, you realise things are much bigger, much darker than ever dreamed about. Yet, as Cade tries to handle the mantle as the Paragon, he discovers both inner and outer resources. His determination plays true to some of his decisions, rash though some may be.

Moreci does a beautiful job conveying this story into not just a love letter, but something anyone can enjoy if they never seen Star Wars. It’s a hero’s journey, one we all may walk, but our paths may not always take us where we expect. I eagerly await the next book in the series.

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