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Writing- Things I’ve learned

It’s funny. I write, I edit professionally, I even podcast. Yet, I keep reaching further to do more, to accomplish new things. When I took a break from writing in late 2016/2017, I wasn’t sure I’d write again. I found myself feeling very isolated in the world I once occupied quite happily. I look back at that time & realise just how much stress, anxiety, and fear I lived with. I’m surprised no one else saw it. More, I also realised it was then I honestly believed I couldn’t be myself–my true reader/writer self. The person who loved to review,
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Serial Box- Dead Air Review

I am addicted to audiobooks which have an ebook with them. Let me state this upfront before we even get to the review. One of the best parts of Serial Box is that you can indulge yourself as you wish with some of their stories. With this particular one, I was able to get all the episodes at once and I could either binge until I fell apart, or carefully listen episode by episode, scaring myself silly. So, of course, I did both–which scared me even more. Gods, I so love Serial Box! 
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Happy Days or I have a podcast

            There comes a moment when you realise you must step up and do something new. Most people know me as co-host on Jay Sandlin’s What Happens Next podcast. Thanks to Delvin Cox of The Delvin Cox Experience, Jay, and Crystal Storm- I’ve started my own podcast, Phoenyx Tales.  It’s a heart based show. The idea is simple- talk about what interests me, what touches me, talk about the parts of life that made me become better. Sharing the journey of writer, editor, healer is something I never considered until I was told to give
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