Welcome to my Sanctum. Here you'll be able to find more about the various aspects of Cyn- the metaphysical, healer, and reviewer- Cynna Ael, Cynnara- the writer of many genres, and Cyn- the editor, teacher, and the mischief maker.

Most people will tell you to pick a genre and a medium and be happy. However, in my experience, I’m learning the more you can do, the more diverse your offerings, the more likely you are to be approached by others. When I chose to look at more than just prose writing, my world expanded and so did the opportunities. Never close the door on something different. Be open to the different.

So, wander the Sanctum, enjoy your stay. But be careful of some of my more potent items. If you see something you like, check out my store. Bendithíon!

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Tarot Readings

A longtime Tarot/Oracle reader, I’ve always read for friends and some well established clients through the years. Recently, I started a YouTube channel under Ael Xander, allowing me to share not only general readings, but also to share my knowledge. But to really get an indepth look at your situation, a personal reading is best. Take a look at my offerings and let’s see what I can do for you.

Services for Writers & Self Paced Online Courses

As a professional editor for over 15 years, I offer a variety of services from the lightest of touches to ripping your “darling” to pieces to help your story become its very best. Whether the story is a novel, comic, film script or even nonfiction, my services can benefit you as you step into the publishing arena.

I believe in paying it forward. For me, it means offering courses to share what I know. Many people have seen me at conventions and retreats giving talks on various writing topics. Here, you get the benefit of going at your own pace, having the ability to have lifetime access to your courses and adding on more courses as you see fit. From writing basics, editing, promotion- I cover major points in the field of publishing. In metaphysics, I take you through the world of Tarot and Oracles, learning to read them, design them, and how to make the best use of them personally. I even give you some insight on how to best put them into use daily without all the woo-woo others might associate with it.